9 February 2012

#H807 Innovations in learning

In a course on "innovations" in e-learning it seems sensible to spend some thoughts on what we understand as innovation in education.  Two (rather old) articles were included to help us frame our ideas on innovation.  I jotted down some thoughts on what I understand as innovation, then read the articles to complement my ideas, reflected on my own context and finally read the comments on the tutor group forum.

Source: miketidd.com

1. My Initial Thoughts

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  1. Hi Stefaan

    Yes I agree that innovation is contextual and what might be seen as innovative in one situation may be seen as quite standard in another. It's also good to be reminded that when introducing an innovation, it's important to see the whole picture and see the potential effects on other parts of an organisation.

    Best wishes, Sukaina

  2. Thanks for your comment,

    I must say I found the course title "innovations in e-learning" a bit puzzling. As it turns out, people have very different ideas about what innovations comprise and a clarification activity is surely needed.



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