17 July 2011

#H800 Alternative Representations of PLE

I reconstructed my PLE, reordering the tools according to their main function. When I couldn't decide, I put the tool twice in the scheme.
If you use a wide definition of 'technology', reading articles on paper and jolting down notes in the sidelinemight still be the most frequently used technology.  However, whether using or not using a particular tool is often in the details.  Since my discovery of Instapaper, for example, my e-reader use has increased sharply.

Instapaper is a tool that lets you store interesting web pages such as articles and blog posts for later reading.  All selected texts are nicely ordered and can be exported to the e-reader friendly epub format.

Another way to represent a PLE is to place them along 3 axes (based on Conole, 2008; link here):

- individual vs social
- information vs experience
- active vs passive (like in immersive language learning)

This allows to make the relation between the use of technology, notably Web 2.0, and pedagogy more explicit.

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