30 January 2011

LAK11 - Week 3: The Semantic Web: the Web as Database?

Keyword during week 3 of the LAK11 course is the Semantic Web (or, a bit less informative, web 3.0). A bunch of text materials, ranging from the very accessible, to the more technical were all out there to help us grab these sprawling concepts.

Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the internet, recalls in his TED talk (highly recommended ,btw) that he wrote his proposal in 1989 to set up a linked information system out of frustration for his work as a software engineer at CERN.  Being confronted with all kinds of different data formats, information systems and isolated information, he wrote the proposal and the code for the internet.  Today he experiences a similar kind of frustration, the frustration of not finding what he's looking for.  From this  frustration, he advocates the creation of a semantic web, on top of the current web.

                                          Source: The Economist

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  1. Stefaan this is a great round up of last week's LAK! I especially like the creative way in which you link all of the theory into one really inspiring post.


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